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Coastal Van Lines has been serving our corporate clients with best-in-class service and talent since 1980. Our success as a corporate relocation provider is attributable to our quality service, hard work, dedication, and understanding of our customers’ specific needs and requirements.


Regardless of the number of corporate relocations your company annually anticipates, you should have corporate contracts in place to protect your organization and your transferee. Corporations with contracts benefit because your rate structure is secured.

For Employers

Maximize focus and satisfaction during a domestic or international relocation by letting Coastal Van Lines manage your corporate relocation programs for you. We act as an extension of your HR team to relocate your employees and their families through our:

•  Full-service programs that consider your team, talent, locations, business goals, and more

•  Expert support in supplier, tax, and invoice management

•  A global supply chain ready to meet your relocation needs, with pre- and post-relocation audits to ensure accuracy and compliance

Whether you’re relocating one employee or an entire department, you’ll have the data at your fingertips if the need arises again.

For Employees

Corporate relocation can cause business disruption, and employee stress and distraction.

At Coastal Van Lines we have turnkey relocation solutions that ensure the smooth and timely move of your employees throughout the country or the world. 

Our corporate relocation programs are designed to reduce worry and disruption. You take pride in your home and your work, and we do too. Corporate team members from entry-level to executive receive:

•  A customized relocation experience, supported by experts familiar with their specific policy benefits and needs

•  Entitlement counseling so they know what to expect

•  24/7 access to team members who can address questions or concern

•  Expertise in moving special items: automobiles, appliances, etc. and tracking and accountability to ensure accuracy

Our corporate relocation services are constructed to be mutually beneficial: specified to the needs of your employer while applying a caring touch and expert care to your personal belongings. We know your items are important to you, and you can trust that they’re important to us, too.

Take advantage of the expertise and services provided by Coastal Van Lines and experience peace of mind knowing that the complexities are handled and your items will arrive at your new home efficiently so you can get settled in your new home without worry.

Contact us today to learn more about our corporate relocation services.

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We have a full range of corporate relocation solutions, and a global service network to meet all of your corporate relocation needs.