Packing all your belongings is one of the biggest hassles of moving. Imagine the luxury of relocating without packing a single box! Whether you need to move without lifting a finger, experts to handle your most fragile belongings, or last-minute assistance to finish the packing job, Coastal’s packers are ready to assist.

All Coastal Van Lines crew members undergo extensive packing training in the Coastal Training House. From dishware to figurines to antiques, they have the packing expertise to keep your items safe in transit.

Packing Services

Whether you need help with your entire home or just a few boxes, Coastal Van Lines has the packing services to fit your needs. Ask your moving advisor to include packing in your estimate.

Full Packing Services

The perfect solution for busy families, short-fuse relocations, and clients who simply want to minimize the interruption of a move. Our crew will arrive prior to moving day to carefully pack everything in your home, label boxes, disassemble and prep furniture.

Fragile Packing Services

Packing books and clothes are manageable, but wrapping stemware is trickier and requires more time. Leave the more difficult pieces to the professionals, saving time and reducing damage. Hire our crew to handle only the fragile items; such as dishware, antiques, china, and pictures, prior to or on move day.

Partial Packing Services

Almost move day, and you didn’t pack as much as you intended? No need to panic, schedule the Coastal Moving crew to pack the remainder prior to or on load day.

Unpacking Services

Get a jump start on settling into your new home. Our crew will un-box your belongings, with the option of working with a professional organizer to set up your household. Before they leave, Coastal will remove all the empty boxes for recycling.

Empty Box Removal

Finished unpacking? Instead of lugging dozens of boxes to the recycling center or clogging your building’s dumpster, hire Coastal to pick up all the empty boxes.

Why hire Coastal Van Lines to pack my home?

•  Eliminate one of the biggest time spends and stressors of the moving process, allowing you to focus on your usual day-to-day and other moving-related tasks.

•  Leaving the packing and protecting to professionals minimizes move damage.

•  All items inside boxes packed by the Coastal crew are fully covered by your liability plan.

•  Packing begins the days right before your move, instead of dealing with a partially-packed household in chaotic transition for weeks.

•  As part of the packing process your crew ensures your home is fully prepared for loading day, resulting in a more organized and efficient move.

Custom Crating

No matter what type of crating you need, we have you covered for high-value, heavy, fragile, and unique items!

Some items are too large or too heavy for corrugated cardboard packaging and require sturdier containers. We understand that certain belongings require crates, boxes, or containers made from wood for added protection during handling and shipping.


There are numerous crates, boxes, and container styles and variations. The style of the wooden crate we choose is based on the load weight, dimensions, value, and characteristics of the item to be shipped.

Coastal Van Lines has a network of skilled craftsmen who can construct custom crating for your particular item(s). Our experienced team will be able to make recommendations on the best crate type based on the item, and method of transport.

Contact us today to learn how our packing services can simplify and protect your move - 800-446-8376